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6th Teddington Guides' Sunflower Success

Posted by Lydia Powell on 09 Jul 2010 at 09:04 PM

Anna from 6th Teddington Guides' sunflower growing story:

Volunteers were needed to grow sunflowers which might be good enough to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show.  Mum said we could volunteer as we plant lots of seeds anyway.
We took the seeds away with us during the Easter Holidays and planted them in the little pots.  We put them on the window sill to sunbathe and gave them lots to drink.  After the school holidays we brought them home and put them in Mum's mini greenhouse.  Only two of the six seeds germinated.  I kept them in the mini greenhouse to protect them from frosts and slugs!
When they had grown quite abit Mum gave me some bigger pots.  It was tricky changing them into the bigger pots trying not to spoil them. We put them outside and watered them every day. Mum's friend came to water them when we went away at half term!
It looks like they will have lots of flowers on them.  They aren't really tall like the ones we usually grow.  Mum explained that's because they are dwarf sunflowers. I really hope they will be in the Show.



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