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3rd and 4th Newport Pagnell Brownies' Container Competition Story

Posted by Lydia Powell on 26 Jun 2010 at 10:36 AM

Girlguiding UK invited Units across the country to grow a container of flowers for the Hampton Court Flower Show.  The girls had to come up with ideas and the more unusual the container the better.

The 3rd and 4th Newport Pagnell Brownies wanted something really unusual to plant their flowers in, and after a discussion with the Brownies it was decided that they would plant up a toilet, cistern and wash basin!

Once they received the go ahead from Girlguiding UK that's when the nerves set in as it seemed such a huge task - How were they going to grow these plants? Was there enough time? How would they get the containers to Hampton Court? How would they lift it? Would the display last a whole week?

The Brownies from both packs were invited to one of their Guider's gardens during the Easter holidays for an egg hunt and to plant the seeds.  They had compost, pots, seeds in abundance, trowels, gloves, labels and bundle of enthusiasm from the girls. (the egg hunt might have helped!).  A very kind neighbour baked yummy cakes to keep everyone's spirits up and also lent them her greenhouse to keep all the seed trays and pots in. The Brownies took home some fast growing seeds and were encouraged to bring them to a meeting when they had sprouted.  Every few days they monitored their progress and came to the conclusion that watched seeds do not sprout. It is best to ignore them, pretend you haven't planted them!

Soon the girls began to bring their sprouting seeds to Brownies, the lobelia was coming through, Crystal Palace was a success (an obvious choice of seed).  More seeds popped up, marigolds, ageratum, petunias, impatiens, geraniums, yellow tomatoes.  Unfortunately the coreopsis didn't realise that they were supposed to grow!  So far only two have grown and even those don't look like they want to flower.  There was a panic at one point when a squirrel was in the greenhouse; then a toad had found his way in!  But all survived.

As the plants grew they needed re-potting.  On Sunday 13 June the Brownies went to their Guider's house to plant up the containers in the shape of 100.  The cistern is the number 1 in blue flowers, the toilet is the first 0 with raspberry flowers, and the washbasin is the second 0 and should be yellow.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and apart from the odd broken stem and drooping flower, the outcome was really good.

The next hurdle is finding a stable plinth, the Guider's husband and his friend has this under control. . . . so long as it's not too heavy as it still needs to be loaded onto the van.  The proof of all this will be seen on 4th July!


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3rd and 4th Newport Pagnell Brownies' Container Competition Story - Lydia Powell

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