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The secret to growing huge sunflowers....

Posted by Lydia Powell on 22 Jun 2010 at 08:16 AM

One Guide from 1st Oatlands Guides has been giving her sunflowers lots of care and attention in the hope they are perfect for the garden.  She first planted the seeds in a plastic cup and put them on the kitchen windowsill.


When they started to grow leaves and longer stems she put them in a larger pot outside. Her dad helped her make mini greenhouses for them....they recycled old plastic water bottles with the tops cut off and put them over the little plants at night to protect them from frost.  They were able to get fresh air and water but couldn't be blown over by the wind.  The bottles also created condensation from the sun shining on them, which in turn moistened the plants.


When they grew out of the little water bottles they recycled bigger Coke bottles and used them to create a greenhouse effect.


Over the past couple of weeks the plants became hardy enough to manage without the bottle protection, this coincided with the warm weather over half term.  They went to Wales for the week so a very kind neighbour who is a young leader with another Weybridge Guide pack watered the sunflowers every day.


Today her mum helped to re-pot the plants into individual pots with lots of compost with special plant sticks to support them.  They secured the plants to the sticks with special rubber wire so they grow up but aren't tied too tightly.


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