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John Marshall

John Marshall

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The reality of a dream coming true

Posted by John Marshall on 28 Apr 2008 at 10:06 AM

Today I marked a Hampton Court milestone on my calendar.  It is now precisely six weeks until we start the build - and reality (and a few moments of panic) have started to kick in!

Up until now I have primarily been dealing with the sourcing of hard materials, and negotiating with garden centres for donations in the form of plants and vegetables... and most recently finding a supplier for the olive and fig trees which will form an important back drop to the garden.

In fact, I've been so wrapped up with ticking items off of my list (and giving my self an imaginary slap on the back each time I managed to get something for free!) that I realise I'd taken my mind off the fact that at some point everything needed to be in the same place at the same time ... and looking beautiful.

Fortunately, Scotsdales Garden Centre have taken off some of the pressure this week, alleviating one of my biggest concerns by offering to ‘grow on' all our vegetable plants to maturity in their green houses.  And, a wonderful illustrator friend has also helped rekindle my excitement for the project, when she presented me with a fantastic hand-painted image of the garden.

I am currently creating a new list. This time it will be one outlining the machinery required to build the garden. The forklift needed to move tons of decorative stone, the post borer needed for the chicken coop, the compactor for the pathways, plus many others. I'm sure that should keep the nerves at bay for another week or two!


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