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Jim Gardiner

Jim Gardiner Director of Horticulture RHS Garden Wisley

Jim Gardiner is the recently appointed Director of Horticulture for the Royal Horticultural Society and has previously been Curator and Chief Curator based at Wisley for over twenty years. Before that he was Curator at the Hillier Gardens and Arboretum. His primary interest is in woody plants, in particular Magnolias on which he has written two books, “Magnolias, their Care and Cultivation” and “Magnolias, A Gardener’s Guide”.

  • Date Joined: 12 Jul 2007

Shows, fairs, family fun and gorgeous plants at Wisley.

Posted by Jim Gardiner on 14 Apr 2010 at 03:45 PM

We're still in full flow with Easter holidays here this week.  The Garden is full of happy families, including brooding birds as well as the human form.  A duck has decided to nest amongst the chyrsanthemum plants in our propagation area, and in doing so has pulled out all the plant labels!


Outside, the spring is here with a vengeance.  Magnolias and camellias are looking wonderful and as long as we escape low nighttime temperatures they should continue to amaze for a while to come.  Joining them are the early rhododendrons, especially on the Rock Garden, Battleston Hill and in the Wild Garden.

The Wild Garden is as spectacular a spring site as you will ever see.  There are too many plants to mention.  It's a multi-layered place - you need to look up for the grandest magnolia flowers against the sky - you need to look down for the woodland floor gems like the anemones and primulas - you need to look at eye level for the blossoms on camellias and rhododendrons.  Your nose will tell you that the skunk cabbage is out, and your ears might lead to where a great spotted woodpecker is busy at work. 


Talking of being busy at work, developments are still in progress with the new rose garden on Weather Hill. Marcia has been planting up new Flower Carpet roses in the Jubilee Rose Garden, and editing the Late Summer Borders.  Mario has planted a variegated sea kale in the Model Vegetable Garden, and the propagation teams are busy pinching out and potting on plants that will be on display in the Mixed Borders and bedding schemes this summer. 

This week we've enjoyed the RHS Daffodil Show, and if you missed it we're also hosting the late daffodil and tulip competition on 27-28th April.  This weekend the Plant Centre is going to be full of auriculas at its Auricula Spectacular, and from tomorrow until Sunday 18th April everyone in the garden will be able to enjoy a visit to the Craft Fair being held on Seven Acres.



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