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Carol Klein, a 'bright light'

Posted by Jean Vernon on 21 Jul 2009 at 01:26 PM

 This morning at Tatton Park the heavens opened and soaked everyone and everything at the showground. But it hasn't dampened the spirits of exhibitors and the press, all busily working away to bring you the very best Tatton Park Flower Show ever. The Floral Marquee looks spectacular already and it isn't even finished yet.

I caught up with Carol Klein filming for the Beeb this morning. Looking absolutely stunning in a rain coat several sizes too big for her, she was simply effervescent about the colour and variety of plants within the Floral Marquee and especailly the crocosmias. "On Hardy's stand there are some real beauts," she said, taking me there to show me a particulary stunning example, "just look at this lovely gold one, 'Paul's Best Yellow', this is a chap who has been breeding these on the Isle of Wight and producing some of these just fantastic ones and trying to make them available to the public."

It was simply beautiful and definitely one to look out for at the show. 

Carol is always rushing around at the shows and barely has time to enjoy the exhibits for herself. I had to be quick before she was ensconced in the filming again, so I asked her the one question she wasn't ready for. "If you were a vegetable what would you be?"

It made her laugh, but she was pretty quick in her reply. "I'd be a chard, "Bright Lights", because it keeps going on all year round, always looks colourful and is always delicious."

So now you know.


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