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Hermits, Hats and Eric Knowles?

Posted by Jean Vernon on 19 Jul 2009 at 09:38 PM

 You never know quite what to expect at an RHS Flower Show, there's always plenty of hype and anticipation from the Press Office before the start of the show to get the press interested and to entice the paparazzi.

After some disappointments (for me anyway) at this year's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, I don't like to get my hopes up; I never did get to ask Ricky Gervais "if you were a vegetable, what sort of vegetable would you be?" ( though probably just as well really). Was he even there? Did anyone see him, I didn't.

Chelsea is the big one for Celebs, in fact the place is simply heaving with them and it's so hard to talk to them all (such a tough life doing my job). Managed to chat to a few of them and take some photos too.

Then Hampton Court Palace Flower Show should be a close second, but to be honest the weather didn't help and it's such a massive showground that it's hard to be everywhere at once. Trying not to displease the 'Monarch' who had already been refused entrance to the Hampton Court Palace grounds despite being accompanied by his SIX wives all in full Tudor Dress was a massive weight on my shoulders, and I didn't find too many celebs that hadn't been beheaded.

 And now as we approach the Tatton Park Flower Show, the anticipation mounts. Rumours of an appearance from the remaining members of 'New Order', have now been quoshed. Last year after promises that Robbie Williams would grace the show with his presence, his Mum and sister filled in instead. Of course it was a pleasure to meet them, but.......

The invitations have gone out and we wait in suspense to see who will accept or even turn up. Press Day is on Tuesday and at the moment I've got a couple of unwashed hermits, some floral hats and Eric Knowles on my hit list.

 So I find myself wondering what sort of vegetable Eric Knowles would be ........ probably something from the Heritage seed library given his interest in antiques? Watch this space.



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