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Slug Rescue

Posted by Jean Vernon on 23 Jul 2008 at 12:12 PM

 After his disappointment earlier in the summer when thieves broke into his Somerset nursery and callously stole 17 show plants, John Trott of Mendip Bonsai has bounced back.  Some might say the experience has left him a bit affected. I found him this morning more interested in an innocent little slug meandering over his display cloth than his gold medal. Considering he got a silver gilt at Hampton Court this was surprising.


Impressively John didn't resort to the normal annihilation practices of most gardeners, and respectfully removed the little creature and placed it on the grass to slither off.
The Mendip Bonsai stand includes twelve mature bonsai specimens and a selection of new accent plantings.
His stolen trees are still missing, so please continue to keep your eyes peeled. If he doesn't get them back there's no telling what will happen at the next show.


This picture shows John  Trott with a smooth bark Chinese Elm at Chelsea 2008, this is just one of the missing trees.



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