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Sitting Down on the Job

Posted by Jean Vernon on 23 Jul 2008 at 11:59 AM

It's been a funny morning here at Tatton Park Flower Show. After yesterday's disappointment of not meeting Robbie Williams despite the assurances of Online Editor Geoff Hodge that he'd be at the show, I found him (Geoff Hodge not Robbie!) about to do a live broadcast on Radio 87.7 Tatton FM.
He was obviously feeling guilty because he asked for a special Robbie request to be played on the radio this morning. However I later discovered that it wasn't his idea. His kind assistant Online Editor Michelle Urquhart has suggested it to him and he'd claimed it as his own. And there was me thinking he was trying to make amends.


So apparently they played Angels by Robbie Williams just for me this morning, sadly, unlike some of the team (see pic) I was not lounging on a Nest on the Ampersand Lifestyle Garden Furniture stand, so I didn't hear it. Hey ho!



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