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Fish and chips

Posted by Jean Vernon on 23 Jul 2008 at 10:11 AM

Spreading the word about gardening is just one of the roles of a garden writer. Martin Fish combines his garden writing talents with a bit of broadcasting and has a regular slot on BBC Radio Nottingham. If found him lurking in the vegetables on the BBC North West Vegetable Garden by Reaseheath, where he told me that there's been a sharp increase in vegetable enquiries on his radio show. "I think that more people are having a go at growing. I'm a great one to encourage people to grow vegetables. Growing your own vegetables and harvesting the produce that comes is great. It doesn't matter whether they grow them organically, it's just getting them started that's important."


The gardening season is in full swing. Vegetable plots around the country are filled with produce to feed families healthily. It's a nice image. Don't be fooled though, not every perfect bunch of carrots will end up on the dinner plate; some are destined for greater things. Show vegetables are still the pastime of a small, dedicated team of enthusiasts that compete for prestigious awards at other gardening shows.  As President of the North East Horticultural Society, Martin Fish is excited at the prospect of a bumper crop of show vegetables, on his patch, later this year, " This autumn there is the National Vegetable Championship at Harrogate. It's where all the regions of the National Vegetable Society come together for their main annual show. This year it's at Harrogate, which runs from the 12th to the 14th September."



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