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Cheeky Boys

Posted by Jean Vernon on 23 Jul 2008 at 12:55 PM

In the Floral Marquee there's a weed. It's official and it's been seen. What's more the stand it is on has been awarded a gold medal.
Now we all know that a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place, and this is just about what has happened.


On the Fernatix stand, the boys were playing up. "We said we didn't have any Dicksonia on the stand, " says Stephen, "but we've got one growing alongside the Cyathea cunninghamii." "We forgot it was there," adds Stephen, "and then Kerry labelled it, but on the stand description we said we'd done it without Dicksonia. It's the first year we've tried not to use any because we use them all the time."
"We should have sawn it out," said Kerry. The poor plant was growing tandem with another show specimen, and honestly you wouldn't have known it was in the wrong place if they hadn't pointed it out. But now everyone knows and the judges will be looking out for it next time.

The Gold medal had obviously gone to their heads. "We've had 32 in a row now," boasts Stephen, "and we don't do colour."
I must admit the stand was a bit bland in terms of colour and with a weed there too, they were asking for trouble. I expect the judges knew what would happen though if they marked these two characters down. "I'd have ‘blarted' if we'd got a Bronze," quips Stephen. Lets home they make it to 33 next time then.



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