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Smiley Carol

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 Jul 2008 at 02:41 PM

How does she do it that Carol Klein? She's in hot hot demand these days from the television presenters and barely has time to come up for breath when working at the shows. I've been trying to catch up with her since Chelsea. Three flower shows later I managed to track her down twice this very morning. Once as I was arriving at the show in the car and then later again in the Floral Marquee.


Like a bright red flower opening gracefully on time lapse photography she repeated and repeated the same lines perfectly as her team worked to capture the plants, the flowers, her smiling face and the story in one clean sweep. Professional to the last and always, always smiling. Carol brings gardening alive and is the best thing that's happened in TV gardening since sliced bread. OK that's a bit cheesy, but her passion for plants, her knowledge and her apparently never ending patience are huge.

This year, particularly, Carol has been extolling the virtues of growing vegetables all year and actually walks the talk when she is back home in her Devon garden.
"I just think that this explosion in vegetables growing is totally fantastic and its going to get even more encompassing with the credit crunch. People have really taken it on board. I've had lots of schools writing to me with pictures of fantastic projects and individuals with allotments."

 Lets hope the nation keeps on growing their own for years to come, the way the economy is going all this grow your own business seems to me to be the modern equivalent of Dig For Victory, Times have changed but maybe the current credit crunch, oil price hikes and healthy living quests have done us a favour. If more people started to think about what they drive, what they eat and how they live as a result of current issues, maybe we can make a difference.


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