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Mr Potato Head

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 Jul 2008 at 02:58 PM

'Grow your own'has been the buzz phrase of the season this year, but if it hasn't enticed you into the wonderful world of vegetables then pay a visit to Medwyn Williams stand in the Floral Marquee at the Tatton Park Flower Show. What this man doesn't know about growing vegetables you could write onto a peapod.

Show vegetables don't do it for everyone, but Medwyn knows not only how to grow vegetables to look good but also raves about them as a source of food. This year there are several new varieties to entice more children to eat vegetables including mini cucumbers for lunch boxes and chocolate coloured tomatoes. It's a great place to see vegetables looking fabulous, the colour range is tremendous.


"Fifteen years ago the seed companies sold 70% flower seed and 30% vegetables. Now it is the other way round. It's about time the government released more land to make more allotments. There are hardly any allotments available now. With the rising cost of oil there is a need for people to grow their own vegetables."
This is the first time Medwyn's been to Tatton Park Flower Show, but he's really pushed the boat out. "It's probably the best vegetable display we've ever put up," he said. "We only do one standard and that's Chelsea standard." Let's hope the judges agree.



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