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Living the dream

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 Jul 2008 at 02:51 PM

 There are dozens of gardens at this years' Tatton Park Flower Show, but one that caught my eye this morning was The Moorcroft ‘Natural Woman' Garden. It's got a nice philosophy and a very green and pleasant feel.
Designer Louise Harrison-Holland of Blue Tulip Garden Design designed the garden for a busy working wife and mother. It reflects elements of Moorcroft Pottery as well as creating a framework to live a holistic and green lifestyle. "There are plants for cosmetics, herb boxes for culinary use and lots of sustainable elements. The timber in the garden is all created from reclaimed floorboards."


Centre stage in the decking is a Moorcroft Tile that blends with the curves and lines of the foliage and flowers ion the garden.
Antiques expert Eric Knowles is on the stand all week extolling the virtues of his other love: Moorcroft Pottery. Don't miss his 20-minute presentation each day at 2pm entitled Magical Moorcroft: A floral fantasy.
Sounds like the flowers on the Moorcroft are the extent of his floral knowledge. "I've got a garden in desperate need of Louise," he admits. "I'm looking for a stall here that sells machetes. My garden is about vegetation control. It's like having a fabulous car and I can't take it out for a ride because I haven't put any fuel in it. Every year I think, "I am going to get the lawn man in. I'm really good on gardening theory, I've got all the books but I'm lacking on practical."


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