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Lies, lies, lies

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 Jul 2008 at 02:13 PM

 When I agreed to come up and help Blog from Tatton Park Flower Show it was on the specific agreement with online Editor Geoff Hodge that he'd book Robbie Williams for the flower show.
It's a long way for me to drive up from the West Country, but the prospect of seeing my favourite all time pop star at Tatton Park Flower Show was enough to convince me it was worth getting up this morning at 4am!
But when I got to the press office this morning, I discovered that Geoff had reneged on his promise.
To be fair he had tried, but obviously his charms didn't appeal to the young Mr Williams. He should have asked the experts. More a ladies man, Mr Hodge instead had apparently secured the presence of Robbie Williams' Mum and sister instead. Fantastic promotion for Stoke On Trent, whose garden "Let us Entertain You," they were launching at the show.


But: "Could try harder is my response." I feel cheated, but at least it's not raining. Well it wasn't this morning, it is this afternoon.

Robbie's Mum and sister were charming. Sally, his sister is obviously very keen on gardening, " I love my planting, I've just had a big cedar greenhouse built and I'm growing a lot of my own produce this year. I love big blousy herb borders and I've just got into prairie planting. I've always been a mad keen gardener and I compost everything."
Robbie has a nice garden with orange trees and lemon scented geraniums at his home in LA. "He's just thinking about redoing his garden," said his mum, "I've got one of his orange trees, it was Robert's but I'm looking after it now."

Robbie - if you are reading this - please meet me at the Tatton Park Flower Show next year.


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