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Fifi and the Flowertots Hampton Court Debut

Posted by Jean Vernon on 08 Jul 2009 at 10:31 PM

Kids accompanied by an adult get in for free at this year's Hampton Court Palace Flower show. This year there's a huge surprise in store for budding gardeners and Fifi fans, as the charasmatic Forget-me-not tot will be at the show this weekend. There's a whole Fifi zone for little greenfingers to play in all week, but the star of the show will be posing for pix and helping them plant this weekend.

I caught up with Greg Lynn, Executive Producer and Managing Director of Chapman Entertainment that creates the show on Monday. He told me,"We've got a Fifi zone here today. Fifi and the Flower Tots has been one of the most successful preschool television shows of the last 4 years. One of the core things about Fifi in the show is her gardening, she lives in this beautiful garden, where everything is huge and that she is a very keen gardener. She grows all her own vegetables and fruit. She will pick one huge apple and make a massive apple pie for all her friends. So we espouse the virtues of gardening, healthy eating and I think Fifi has been a real boon to mothers to be able to encourage kids to get stuck into their vegetables. We've had lots of emails over the last four years from parents saying. "My daughter ate a blueberry for the first time today because she saw Fifi bouncing up and down on one like a space hopper." And although that's not why we made the show, we're here to make a piece of entertainment, we wanted to give it a nice organic feel and so we are here at the show to allow kids to come in and play in Fifi's world, to meet Fifi. Fifi is here, they can plant seeds, take away a pot and grow and nurture a sunflower, or go through the little assault course picking up vegetables and fruit from Poppy's market stall with a little wheelbarrow. It's just something for kids, something to introduce kids into gardening."
We have Fifi here today and then she is back at the weekend. But during the week we've got all of this for the kids to do from planting seeds to learning about fruit and vegetables."

So if you are visiting with children or grandchildren make sure they spend some time in the Children's Zone in area D of the showground. 


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