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The other RHS

Posted by Jean Vernon on 06 Jul 2009 at 03:46 PM

 If you're on this website you are probably well aware that RHS stands for the ROYAL Horticultural Society. But did you know that there's another society that uses the same abbreviation?


The Red Hat Society (R) is a global organisation pf women appraoching the age of 50 and beyond, who support each other in pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom and fulfilment.

At this year's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this other RHS has been recognised by Harkness Roses which has named a rich red rose after it. Ladies from the Red Hat Society were presented with a bouquet of red roses as part of the Tudor Rose Festival. The rose, 'Red Hat Lady' was bred and introduced by Harkness Roses has rounded growth making it an ideal choice for planters and containers.


Foxnfirefly said:

That's interesting about the "other RHS" and the rose named for this group.  Harkness has some fine roses, and I hadn't seen that Red Hat Lady yet.  Thanks.

on 07 Jul 2009 at 05:35 AM