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The Good Life

Posted by Jean Vernon on 06 Jul 2009 at 11:05 AM

Grow Your Own has it's own momentum this year. Just take a look around this year's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and you'll see masses of ideas and inspiration to support your own efforts at self sufficiency, how ever large your garden.

The Growing Tastes Allotment in area C of the showground is a blaze of colour and texture. There's plenty of planting combinations, techniques and creativity to absorb and it looks fantastic too. "It doesn't take a huge amount of expense to grow your own anyone can have a go at it, you can grow in a tiny site and it's just as effective. We are trying to show really good quality horticulture and our brief was to they wanted a traditional allotment and a cutting garden," explains garden designer Mary Payne. "You have to have a bit of drama and make it look attractive to the public, I am chuffed to bits with it."

"I think each bit has its own personality, we always find these old artefacts like this big trough that we've planted upand the sedum roof was very much a last minute thing, I think it was bartered on site. We are also very keen to get children involved, so this area here is a children's garden, a little girl's garden. It's all pretty pretty pretty and the boys garden has sputnik kohl rabi and the rocket of pennisetum growing up and there are fun plants as well, the boys garden has a squirting cucumber in it," she adds.


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