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But I live here

Posted by Jean Vernon on 06 Jul 2009 at 10:37 AM

 Henry VIII and his wives were due at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this morning to be filmed promoting the Six Wives of Henry VIII Gardens at the show.

Dressed in their finery they apparently arrived at the gate without a pass.

  "Have you got any ID?" they were asked? Did security really believe that seven people would dress up in full Tudor costumes to get into the flower show on Press Day?? Am surprised they didn't order a beheading on the spot.

A couple of calls through to the right person and they were allowed in. Just goes to show that if you are not on the list you are not coming in.

 Don't miss the gardens if you are visiting the show. There's one for each of Henry's wives highlighting specific characteristics of their personalities.

Anne Boleyn's Garden explores the possibility that she was a witch and contains a variety of plants and symbolism reflecting this. Look out for the three rows of red flowers believed to repel witch hunters. 

 The gardens celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's accession to the throne.




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