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Connection with nature

Posted by Jean Vernon on 05 Jul 2009 at 02:29 PM

Paul Stone's really had his work cut out this how. He's created two Small Gardens for Rachel's Organic, the main show sponsor.  The first one, 'Passion for Taste, "connects with the products that go into Rachel's Organic produce and is a garden that ties in with the ideals of Rachel's Organic. It has good environmental and social policy. All the materials are low carbon footprint materials, sustainable and reclaimed timber," explains Paul. 


" We are emphasising the importance of the connection with nature, we have a beehive and are underlining the importance of pollination."

The garden has already established itself as a feeding post for the Hampton Court wildlife. "The pigeons love the blackcurrants and the strawberries have been incredibly popular and they would definitely have a go at the cherries if they could get anywhere near them." The fruit trees and bushes are netted to protect the fruit from foraging birds, but there's another predator he has to contend with too.

"I've had trouble with my staff eating the odd raspberry," he admits, adding, "I've had to give them a severe telling off."

The second garden, 'Stylish by Nature' celebrates the 25th anniversary of Rachel's Organic and uses a striking monochromatic planting scheme combining black, white and silver themes. 


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