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Aliens have landed

Posted by Jean Vernon on 05 Jul 2009 at 03:40 PM

There's always a bit of controversy at RHS Flower Shows. At RHS Chelsea there was the Paradise in Plasticine. At Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2009, the jury's still out, but my vote (just for its nerve and controversy) must go to 'Monstruosa', the conceptual garden by Fernando Gonzalez of Metagardens. 


 "The theme is an alien that comes to earth. It feeds on carnivorous plants. It's alive but it's waiting to evolve and take in what carnivorous plants eat," says Fernando.

"I am a big Sci-Fi fan and have been inspired by horror movies such as Alien and Blade Runner."


The silver monster has been created from polystyrene and was sprayed at Shepperton Studios. It has been planted up with a variety of carnivorous plants that represent living hosts for the alien. "It colonises them, implanting its own offspring inside their tissues before erupting into a more powerful biomachine."







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