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What's in store at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show?

Posted by Jean Vernon on 02 Jul 2009 at 10:03 AM


There's always a great sense of anticipation in the lead up to the RHS Flower Shows and Hampton Court is no exception. I know that you shouldn't have favourites, but if I really had to choose which one show to visit each year Hampton Court Palace Flower Show would win everytime. It's a horticultural extravaganza of everything that is wonderful, vibrant and ground breaking in gardening. It doesn't have quite the same prestigious feel as Chelsea, but I like that. I love the fact that you can wander around the show at ease and have space and time to observe everything you want to see (well if you're not working there).

There are masses of fabulous and fascinating plants there and the best bit is that you can buy them there and then and bring them home for your garden. That's a win win situation for everyone.

I've got two jam packed days at the show before it opens. You can follow my progress here at 'My Garden'. I'm blogging about the garden designers and their dreams and aspirations and attempting to interview the visiting celebrities about the show. Sounds glamorous? Well it is and it isn't.

Currently I have no idea which celebrities will be gracing the show with their presence. I do know that Ricky Gervais will be there and now I'm wondering what to ask him, or probably more importantly what not to ask him? What is he doing at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show? Good question, but by the time I do catch up with him I should know that. Am I up to his acerbic wit and retort, or will he completely blank me and turn his back? Will I even get close enough to speak to him? 

 Maybe he's having a flower named after him? Wonder what it would be? Hmmmm, a rose perhaps, but not thornless, or maybe a big blousy clematis or perhaps it's a humble vegetable? Why don't they name vegetables after people? Maybe he could start a new trend. Remember, you read about it here.

So here's a couple of questions for you.

What would you ask Ricky Gervais if you met him?

What type of plant would you name after him and why?



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