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The Power of Purple

Posted by Jean Vernon on 10 Jul 2008 at 04:25 PM

 It wasn't just me then that was totally bowled over by Jekka's Purple display in the Floral Marquee at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The judges awarded Jekka 'Best Exhibit in the Floral Marquee' which for her last exhibit in the floral marquees is quite an accolade. Especially as she has now received that award two years running.

Next year she will be creating a show garden at Chelsea which will keep her more than fully occupied.


"I'm sad but I am excited too," she says. "Because it is the start of a new chapter and I'm sad because I have such great friends in the other exhibitors. Exhibiting is a really tough thing to do and I've share the highs and the lows with these people. That's what I'll really miss, being on the edge with them. But we've all got to evolve and I'm ready for a change."

Jekka has exhibited organic herbs at the RHS shows and won 61  RHS gold medals for her efforts. "I like to show organic plants against normal ones, because they are NOT inferior, they are actually superior and wwe can make our plants just as good, if not better organically."



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