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Practical garden design

Posted by Jean Vernon on 10 Jul 2008 at 04:01 PM

Show gardens are fantastic. Each one is a snap shot inside the head of its creator or designer and every single one has a different message and a different style.

When you look at them for their aesthetic beauty you don't always see the deeper levels, hidden messages and practical logistics that have gone into every square centimetre.  


The Daily Mail Garden Pavilion is a major part of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. There are several elements and garden designers involved in creating the stunning exhibit for visitors. Mundy's Cottage Garden surrounds an attractive thatched Dorset Cottage. It has been designed by Mary Payne and John Wheatley for Winchester Growers and is planted with a variety of typical cottage plants, dahlias and lilies.

"We don't know what dahlias are coming until they arrive just days before the show," explains Mary. "We sorted them out to create colour themed borders and then designed the borders around them." 

There's a productive vegetable garden, "the estate manager who lives in this cottage has a young family and he wants to feed his family with good wholesome food, he's experimental and has even planted a few vegetables in among the flowers," she says.

The garden is designed around this imaginary client, who lives in the cottage, but it is real, inspiring and most important to Mary it is practical too. "I think becasue I am not a garden designer I'm a horticulturalist that I design from a practical point of view," explians Mary. "You can get a lawnmower onto this lawn, I"ve designed it so that it is very practical because there is someone living in this cottage."


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