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Make a difference

Posted by Jean Vernon on 10 Jul 2008 at 12:46 PM

We are constantly bombarded with advice, instructions and what can sometimes feel like emotional blackmail about saving the planet and helping the environment. As gardeners we are already doing a lot by growing flowers for insects, providing wildlife habitats and recycling waste material into garden compost. But we can all do more.

The London Wildlife Trust's Future Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show demonstrates how we can adapt our gardens to the changing climate by using recycled materials and plants with low water requirements.

 Actress Saskia Butler was on the stand encouraging visitors to pledge to do something to increase wildlife in the gardens. 


"I've got some window boxes at home so I'm going to try and grow plants that are drought resistant so they use less water. All the plants here in this garden are drought tolerant."

The garden features lots of recycled materials, wildlife habitats and bird feeders, all designed to support birds and insects within the garden environment.

 I was so impressed that I bought a variety of lavenders, thymes and other bee and insect friendly plants that will provide precious food for these garden friends and be tolerant of hotter drier conditions. Think I'll wait until the monsoon has passed before I plant them though.


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