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Such good fronds

Posted by Jean Vernon on 07 Jul 2008 at 05:01 PM


New plants are the life blood of the floral marquees and the RHS flower shows. For real plant enthusiasts it is the anticipation of what is new that keeps them fired up with interest. What I love too are the characters who come rain or high water continue to battle with the elements to display fabulous arrays of specialist plants and as often as possible, new, rare and delightful specimens too.
You can't miss the stand of Fernatix as these charismatic gentlemen simple ooze persona and frondliness.


It's deep in the heart of Floral Marquee 1 and showing the most beautiful new fern. Cyrtonium tukusicolia is divine, but it's very existence is a surprise even to Fernatix. "It was collected as spore from Crete,' says Steven Fletcher, "but you can never tell with spores, as however careful you are when sowing it, even when using the best sterile conditions it can still turn out to be a load of maidenhairs instead. I don't know how they do that but they do."

Plants aren't available for sale yet, but they've got some spore growing so there are plants in the pipeline that may become available within a couple of years.


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