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Jean Vernon

Jean Vernon Garden Writer/Feature Writer West Country

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Shop til you drop

Posted by Jean Vernon on 07 Jul 2008 at 02:54 PM

There's no denying it, us girls love to shop. For Rachel de Thame Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the perfect excuse to go shopping "I love the opportunity to spend money. It's great to see something, fall in love with it and then buy it," she says.
She's been at it already and has purchased a child's bed, part of the display on Literacy Garden by Challock Primary School. "it's a metal bed for my youngest daughter," she says, "and when she's outgrown in I can plant it up with flowers."


Despite the rain Rachel was looking extremely elegant and graceful as she waited patiently to film her next slot for BBC Gardeners' World. But she'd still had time to look around the show. "I'm particularly interested in the Climate Change Dome, I think it will be popular, not least because people will hide from the rain in there. And I'm dying to get into the rose marquee."


whatever said:

Again, we are trying to find instructions on how to get to the Hampton Court flower show by boat---as promised in the show's brochure....

Are there boats? What is the schedule? How long would the trip take? How much does it cost? Where do the boats leave from? Thanks for your help!

on 07 Jul 2008 at 05:10 PM

Geoff Hodge said:

You can find all this information at:

on 07 Jul 2008 at 08:07 PM