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Purple Goddess

Posted by Jean Vernon on 07 Jul 2008 at 04:58 PM

I don't know how she does it but Jekka McVicar's stand within the floral marquee simply glows. You can literally spot it a mile off. This year the herb queen has done it again and created the most amazing display of mostly purple plants and to complement the effect she has a matching purple Trug Tub.



Jekka is rightly proud of her efforts, "I'm particularly proud of this display because on it I have got my show babies. The lavenders are six years old, the bays are 22 years old and the cat thymes are 15 years old. The pomegranite is one I've raised from seed and it's flowering, that's about 11 years old. I've never had so many photographers around my stand before. I don't know whether it's my plant combinations or the rain that's brought them in. It literally came alive when I watered the purple slate, it made it 3-d. The good thing about this cooler weather is that they plants will still all look good on Sunday."
Make the most of it, Jekka expects this to be her last show as a floral exhibitor. "I've applied to do a garden at Chelsea," she says, "so I hope to have a plot outside and I'll be here at Hampton Court next year in another guise."

Jekka is speaking this week in the Kitchen Garden & Cookery Theatre at 2.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Her theme: ‘Herbs are more than a garnish', is a subject she is very passionate about.
"Parsley for example is not just great for flavour," she says. "It has a long tap root so it's high in iron and minerals. It stimulates the appetite, if you've been poorly you can add it to soup or mashed potato to stimulate the gastric juices. It's good for the kidneys because it is a diuretic and it's good for cystitis. BUT, never take it medicinally if you are pregnant."


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