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New ideas with roses

Posted by Jean Vernon on 26 May 2009 at 11:57 AM

 Chelsea flower show was awash with ideas and inspiration across the showground. But most of the creativity was in the show gardens.

In the Great Pavilion were plenty of other creative ideas if you took a little time to search them out.

 On the David Austin Roses exhibit, visitors could see hundreds of glorious roses but there were a couple of really interesting ideas too.


 "I'm particularly keen on this little idea that we came up with where you've got an arch that goes so far, if you grow roses on an arch like that it creates some space and lets the light through, creative use of climbers, roses really are fantastic as climbers. We call it the Open Arch,' David Austin Jnr told me. "If we can recreate this somewhere in a garden setting and try and inspire people, then they can do it themselve". 

But they had also incorporated some standard roses within the display.  "I am particularly keen on them but they are quite difficult to use and I think they have a little bit of a bad taste reputation about them that we are trying to change".

" I know that it's expensive for people to do but if they can, plant four standard roses together to create a massive head of colour and impact. You can create that with one rose in time but with four you are going to get that a little bit quicker I think."

 "The thing to do is to more or less hide the stems with perennials and create a dual layer with the rose flowers in the air. You must have the roses high enough to look different to the rest of the palnts around them," added Michael Marriott.  


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