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Three cheers for the Chelsea Organisers Office

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 May 2009 at 07:08 PM

Can you imagine what a huge job it must be actually organising, orchestrating and co-ordinating the world's best flower show?? In the current economic climate I'm sure that the organisers really didn't know who was really exhibiting until they actually arrived at the show ground.

 One exhibitor on Main Avenue had nothing but praise for the team.

Stephen Myburgh from Myburgh Designs told me: "I would like to say that the Chelsea Flower Show has the best organisers office/ team out of all the flower shows, their policy seems to be co-operation and solution finding and you don't find that in organisations in other places, it's really very positive, forward thinking."

"I saw even saw Alex Baulkwell still putting woodchip out in front of the gardens with a rake at 10pm the night before Press Day."

 This year see's Stephens Sculptural swinging garden chairs for the very first time on Main Avenue at the RHS Chelsea Flower show  and he is delighted.

"It's a bit inspiring actually to have all the big Show gardens around me for a change rather than small sundries stands, and the sites are really nice here, they are big and square so they are much easier to work with. It's an aspiration that's finally been achieved. When you start the show you walk in here on the first day and you go "Main Avenue that's where all the big names are", so to finally reach this is really nice. This is our 10th year, we started out small scale in the woods back there, hanging things form trees and hiding from Health & Safety and now we are on Main Avenue", he laughs.


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