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Golden Grasses

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 May 2009 at 04:10 PM

Three different personality threads were drawn together at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Botanist and environmentalist Sir David Bellamy, garden designer Cleve West and Neil Lucas from Knoll Gardens have joined forces to promote the importance of natural planting and biodiversity.


I chatted to Cleve at the Knoll Gardens exhibit moments before the launch of the new charitable Knoll Gardens Foundation.

"I've always been organic in my approach to gardening and the natural style of planting does appeals to me."

"I think that this style of planting is what people like and feel comforatbale with, grasses will never go out of fashion, that's for sure, ever since they came in in the 90's it's been, ‘why have we never used these before?' They play a really big role in biodiversity".

The Knoll Gardens Foundation is dedicated to providing a working example of tomorrow's gardens - today. It aims to study and evaluate plants, practices and habitats that meet the present and future needs of both people and the wider environment in our gardens and designed spaces.
"I have long held a dream to bring the Knoll style of gardening to a wider audience," said Neil Lucas. "The timing now seems to finally be right as we are all coming to realise that each garden, and the way we garden, is of increasing importance to the wider environmental picture. At Knoll we have always felt that our naturalistic style of gardening was of benefit to wildlife and environmentally friendly, as well as providing a low maintenance route to a beautiful garden.  We know what works here for us. The Foundation has been created to help us both prove and improve our methods, and share them with gardeners across the country."


The Knoll Gardens exhibit of ornamental grasses, in the Great Pavilion won an RHS Chelsea Gold Medal 


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