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Ecological, Economic and an Eco Wonder @ Chelsea

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 May 2009 at 03:59 PM

One thing that's clear from this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show is that visitors are gleaning much more than information on plants that inspire them. It's a tough year for everyone and the garden designers have been working with reduced budgets to very tight briefs. There are a variety of ideas for everyone to take away, but one garden simply wowed the judges with its design and ethos.


Eco Chic by Kate Gould utilises materials that could be recycled from a building site. "The design came about from building sites that I've been to that are just concreted over, narrow spaces between properties in an inner city area that a property developer would concrete over and we wanted to show you can green them and turn them into usable spaces. We wanted to use things that reflected the buildings, so we used slightly gritty inner city materials that are slightly unusual, scaffold boards and things like that."

But Eco in this garden is also short for economic, as the ideas are achievable and affordable too.

"Scaffold boards are not expensive, we could have done it out of a hard wood but the point is you can salvage them from skips and you can buy them new and they are not expensive and you can get a good result from them."

The garden won a gold medal and Best Urban Garden award.


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