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Bumble bees on amphetamines?

Posted by Jean Vernon on 22 May 2009 at 05:28 PM


You never quite know what opinions you'll get on the gardens and exhibits at Chelsea flower show. It can be a daunting experience, especially when talking to flambouyant characters such as presenter and garden designer James Alexander-Sinclair. I stopped him on main avenue at Chelsea with garden designer Alice Bowe.

"My first impressions of Chelsea is what they always are there's lots of people, lots of stuff and lots of things to look at," he said. "The interesting thing about this year is obviously that it's scaled down, but it benefits because it concentrates the mind and rather than flitting around like a bumble bee on amphetamines, from one garden to another, without taking anything in, because there are fewer gardens you actually have time to stand and look and absorb which is actually rather lovely."

"This is Ulfs' garden which is fine, but perhaps a little Swedish and a little bit lacking in passion, but I'm very fond of Tom Hoblyns swamp garden over there, I think that's got character and is something we haven't seen before. And I actually rather like the Plasticine Garden, I think it's rather fun."


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