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The 'boss' on plasticine, plants and gardens

Posted by Jean Vernon on 20 May 2009 at 12:44 PM

 Working for the RHS is a privilege (is that enough creeping do you think?) the team I work with are experienced, knowledgeable and very sociable creatures (a bit more??) but even I (and perhaps Digger) am surprised to see, hear and read the positive reaction to Plasticine Paradise. It is though, I feel,  a shame for some of the other garden designers and the fantastic show gardens that this 'pseudo garden creation' has stolen a lot of the limelight and show coverage.

Anyway, back to my sycophantic rantings. Ian Hodgson, Editor RHS Journal 'The Garden',  had his own views on things this week.  

 His thoughts on "Plasticine Paradise'? "It's moulded my mind," he quipped.

" I do like it. I think it strikes at the very heart of about what gardens are all about. Do gardens actually have to have living plants in them to be gardens or is this just a very nice space to actually be in?"

 Good question. What do you think? 


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