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Paparazzi and Film Stars

Posted by Jean Vernon on 20 May 2009 at 04:00 PM


 Getting near the film stars at Chelsea Flower Show on Press day is a problem. Not only are they surrounded by minders and supporters and friends, but there's usually a thick layer of snappers waving large expensive cameras in their faces too which makes it a bit tricky getting even a short sentence from them.

So here's my confession for this year's show. I missed Rod Stewart, sorry, but he ran into the Great Pavillion and not passed me and by the time I got to where he was supposed to be he'd gone.

Despite the Paparazzi, I got about 2ft from Dame Helen Mirren and then she had to go and film with Mr Titchmarsh so she didn't have time to chat.


And finally I got about 25ft from Helena Bonham Carter, Bill Nighy and someone else that  I'm sorry to say I don't recognise, with not a chance of even saying hello. Got a pic, though I can't seem to upload it at the moment, tried 4 times now, so must be a corrupt file or something. Apparently Helena and Bill are to star in an £8m budget film "Wild Target" - they should name a rose after that. You get all the gossip here you know.



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