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Gary 'grow your own'

Posted by Jean Vernon on 20 May 2009 at 03:08 PM

Plants and flowers tantalise all the senses and some of the exhibits in the Great Pavillion show this well. The Tropical Flora of Grenada is a feast of colour, smell and flavour and a real hit with visitors.



Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes  has a restuarant on the Island and considers it his second home.  "As you drive through Grenada and you picking the nutmegs from the trees you realise there's the mace, there's the nutmeg and the next thing you know you are pulling bananas or you're just twisting on some beautiful sugar cane and the syrup is just rolling down your chin and you realise what a country. It's a chef's dream, it's so colourful as you can see."

He's a great fan of Chelsea and appreciates the benefits of cooking and eating what you grow.

"I think the great thing is it's nice to have that combination, that blend within the garden where there's going to be an element of that as food, so not only do you enjoy looking at it and admiring perhaps your great work as a great gardener, but you also get that chance to have it for supper too, you can't beat that. Even if it's just a simple thing like beautiful little herbs that can create such a lovely array of colour about them and also that great taste they all have and to realise that that's from your own soil and I think there's nothing better than that. "


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