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A little less flambuoyant than previous years?

Posted by Jean Vernon on 20 May 2009 at 03:31 PM

 Rolf Harris and his wife Alwen were making the most of their time at Chelsea. Alwen had bought a new coat and was modelling it down Main Avenue when I caught up with them.

"We've been in the main marquee and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially orchids they were stunning, what a show, just fantastic! We loved the roses, and that's all we've seen so far," says Rolf.


"We've been coming here for years. It is quieter this year, a little bit down you can feel it's a little less flamboyant, I think, than last year was, the special gardens are seem much quieter." It wasn't a case of being underwhelmed though, "I am always stunned and amazed at the way they get everything to come to its most perfect state for this special week and I think 'how do they do it'?. I was talking to someone and they said 'in and out of greenhouses, cold store and then when the sun comes out you put them out and then back in again to have them looking perfect for Monday' amazing."


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