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Losing the Plot

Posted by Jean Vernon on 19 May 2009 at 11:47 AM

It was another Chelsea Gold for Hilliers' 2009 Grand Pavilion exhibit at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Designed and directed by Hilliers' Managing Director Andy McIndoe, the garden marks the four stages in most people's lives.




 "The theme of the exhibit is gardening for the time of your life," explains Andy, "so it takes you through the journey of your gardening life. First base is your first garden, it's your space but you may not stay there too long, so you want instant gratification and coping with kids, which is the type of garden that we think children, will like. Then comes the grand design era which is portrayed by the area at the front of this garden with the walk thought the Carpinus and then losing the plot, when you downsize, to a smaller garden where you start again and finally pushing up daisies."
It's a grand design but one that has elements for real gardeners to take home with them. "We always try and use things that area readily accessible, so we like to use accessories they can readily get from the garden centre."
The whole effect is a positive reflection of Andy's analysis of the gardeners and gardening. "I think regardless of the financial situation, gardeners still garden. It's a very essential part of their lives, they may not buy that expensive set of furniture but I think they still garden." The whole show this year seems to have taken on board the drive for sustainability, cost effectiveness and low-key/low cost garden design. It's quality not quantity and this garden with all its elements shows what a valuable and permanent investment good plants and great design can be.


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