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Charitable chrysanthemums

Posted by Jean Vernon on 19 May 2009 at 09:50 PM

If you were a flower what would you be? It's an interesting thought, but have you thought about how you'd feel to have a plant named after you? Many new plants are introduced every year at the RHS Shows and especially at Chelsea - just take a look at Graham Rice's blogs and you'll see what I mean.

 This year one particular celebrity had a flower named in his honour and was at the show taking a look around.

Tim Wannacott wasn't interested in the controversy outside the Grand Pavillion, his interest was inside the Grand Pavillion instead.


 "I haven't been to have a look at the Plasticine garden I don't think Plasticine is exactly my kind of interest level in this show, I think it is an amusement that would be an attraction to some people but it would not be the place that would immediately draw me."

"I love the exquisite displays in the marquee, I think it is quite extraordinary that the growers are able to still produce consistently wonderful blooms, and show them at a moment no matter what the inclement weather will be. I think it is a small miracle and that continues to be a great thrill, I wouldn't say there were any exhibits in particular, I just think you just wander and have such a visual. Chrysanthemums Direct has a beautiful stand and in the middle of the stand is a new chrysanthemum, which has been named after me and is being shown for the first time in this show. Anybody who buys one of those plants in the next year will directly support my charity, which is a cancer charity in Sussex because the grower makes a donation to the charity if you buy a Tim Wannacott Chrysanthemum."



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