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Celebrity Pedal Power

Posted by Jean Vernon on 19 May 2009 at 10:16 PM

 You never quite know what you will see, hear or find at Chelsea Flower Show. This year celebrities were literally queueing up to donate elbow grease to water the plants on one stand in the Grand Pavillion.

 'A Window of Opportunity' features a static outdoor gym, with bicycles cycling the water around the garden to irrigate the plants.

Susan Hampshire, Wayne Hemingway and Floella Benjamin were all spotted pedalling away to power the water.

 The garden has been designed for a Gateshead housing estate. The garden will go to the Gateshead Flower Show in July and then will be recreated at the estate afterwards.


A not out of breath, Susan Hampshire declared: "I love the fact that we are helping the environment in the healthiest way possible; we are sitting on the bike, getting a bit of exercise, watering the plants. I think it's fantastic and I really enjoyed it."



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