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A resurgence of plants

Posted by Jean Vernon on 19 May 2009 at 03:14 PM

 Monday, Chelsea Press Day, saw a whole range of celebrities meandering around the Royal Hospital Grounds at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Some were more discerning than others about the content and the importance of the show.

Broadcaster, Journalist and Londoner, Wesley Kerr was particularly taken with The Key garden, designed by Paul Stone of the Eden Project.


"This is my ninth Chelsea and I think it is very good to see how the RHS has adapted to the difficult economic situation, I think what that's produced is a resurgence of plants. Some of the gardens with very elaborate hard landscaping look strangely old fashioned and to me the garden that has really leapt out is the Eden Project one because it is built around amazing plants. They are also plants that would look good throughout the whole year, because if one criticised Chelsea one would say 'how would this lovely limestone look on a cold winter's day?', or 'how would some of these gardens look which just have plants for May?', what I love about the Eden Project garden is that it's full of perennials. And so as ever, the RHS has come up trumps, this amazing site is the winner and its great to see this part of my wonderful home town London, transformed for a week, recession or no recession."

With the serious appraisal over, I just couldn't help pointing out the Plasticine creation just behind him. He hadn't noticed it at the time.

 First impressions?

" I like the poppies, it's always good to remember the war. Is that Karl Marx?" he asked referrring to the statue within the garden.

After a few moments deliberation he concluded with: "Well I think it looks like a garden designed by someone who has spent most of his life inside a car. It's good publicity for him, but it is quite jolly. Chelsea is about theatre and it's a great piece of theatre. Oh, it isn't Karl Marx it's William Harbutt, the creator of Plasticine."



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