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Really, truly and utterly Jekka's last floral exhibit

Posted by Jean Vernon on 17 May 2009 at 04:47 PM

All of the floral exhibits in the Grand Pavillion are simply amazing. Months and months of dedication, blood, sweat and tears have gone into every single one of them. But how is it that one in particular always has a glow around it? Jekka McVicar's display this year appears illuminated from within. It's either her energy shining through or the plants are trying to tell us something, whatever it is these are happy healthy plants about to complete what Jekka insists is, "really, truly and utterly my last floral exhibit," I don't want to believe it, but watch this space.


Jekka is once again extolling the virtues of plants, this year she shows visitors the simple but amazing power of plants within what is actually a large plot in the Grand Pavillion. "My garden is a totally natural garden and as well as there being bees and butterflies, there is a rill which is bordered by UK herbs, such as angelica, valerian caraway, poppies, foxgloves and woad. The message is the power of plants, this is really and truly and utterly my last floral exhibit for the RHS and I wanted to show that herbs look stunning." Well there's no doubt that she's achieved that already and the display was not quite finished early afternoon today (sunday).

What's more astonishing about Jekka's display is that all the plants are organically grown. In the current financial climate grow your own is taking off at break neck speed, which has to be a great thing for herbs and growers. "I think the current financial situation is the most wonderful thing that has happened to the soil,"shew says. "It has brought people back to the land and to realise that they need to grow plants to be whole again. It's not just the whole in what we eat it, it's more than that.
When you grow plants you talk to people, so you start communicating, then comes the physical part you start to garden, preparing the ground and getting on with it so you feel good, when you actually cook and prepare a meal from your love with the soil, it is that whole holistic thing, that well being it is magic. I am ending on this, I can now go off and teach, I am doing much more teaching land lecturing and working with people on different levels and I will be the herb nut."  


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