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Gnome at Large at Chelsea 2009

Posted by Jean Vernon on 17 May 2009 at 02:26 PM

 Don't tell anyone but there's a real, genuine, fishing gnome inside the Great Pavillion at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. I can't tell you where it is in fear of visitors to the show diving into the fabulous display of fragrant (hint) plants in search of this lucky mascot, but the designer of the stand assures me he is there to guard the plants and ground her creation. You'll need to look closely at the pic below to make out the little chap, catch him while you can before he disappears back into his hidey hole for the rest of the show.

Rumour has is that there is also a large stuffed chicken loose at the show as well as a shoal of piranhas, a whole stand of fake flowers, a plasticine mole and an LED lit graveyard. If it was April 1st I could believe it, but at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, surely not? Have standards dropped, have rules been laxed, or is the gardening world just exercising its sense of humour?? You decide.






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