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Only a few days left!

Posted by James Wong on 28 Apr 2010 at 01:20 AM

Well, the moment of reckoning seems to be well and truly upon us, with exactly a week to go before the start of the build, the pressure really is on!

Again apologies for the lack of daily updates, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of trying to gather up a hundred and one loose ends to make sure that the imminent build goes as smoothly as possible. Here though is a full update on what we have been up to over the past few weeks:

PLANTING - First and foremost, our planting been finally organised and is sitting comfortably in greenhouses ready to be planted out in a few short weeks. Our collection of large rainforest trees that we tagged in Dutch nurseries in late January are all looking great - including three enormous 7m strangler figs and some whopping Cyathea tree ferns that are so evocative of the Malaysian jungle.

We have also just heard about a new prize the RHS are awarding for the best new plant introduction at Chelsea, and as we have a few of these up our sleeve, we are exciting about nominating some of these for the award. We will reveal all about this over the next few days...

HARD LANDSCAPING - All the limestone slabs that make up the extensive network of paving and pathways of our garden have been on order now for a few weeks and should now be pre-sliced in modular sections ready to be put together like an enormous puzzle on site. For ecological reasons we will be using locally sourced Portland stone from my buddy Iain at Realstone, who we worked with on our 2009 Chelsea Garden. This looks virtually identical to Malaysian ivory limestone, but sourcing it locally cuts down on thousands of airmiles and transport time. It is great to see this is all in hand.

There are only a few final details to organise with the wooden aspects of the landscaping. While the fencing and the structure of our pavilion have been all finalised, we need to confirm some of the minor details of the table and accessories that we are having inside the pavillion, which our garden is centred around. In fact we are having a meeting with our build foreman, from our hyper-effecient construction firm Landform Consultants, tomorrow evening so hopefully this should all be tied-down very soon.

MARKETING AND ADMIN - Creating show gardens however isn't just about physically building them, there is also an awful lot of admin work we need to organise.

I have spent all of this evening updating the garden's official website at (hence the late posting time of this message), but we still have a mountain of work to do on leaflets, signage, organising access passes, etc.

Finally after all this is resolved David and I are going to dedicate a few days to thoroughly go through all the ideas and plans we have so far for the accessories for the garden. While this might sound simple and actually quite fun, as it can often be the accessories that make or break a design, this is more often than not an agonising process, filled with more difficult decisions that you would ever think.

But in short, for the first time in a long time things seem to be coming together effortlessly and looking firmly under control.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!




Sheila Stanley said:

fingers, toes and anything else crossable!

on 02 May 2010 at 12:58 AM