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  • Our Camera Nest Box - The Hatching Starts!

    Harlow Carr Plant Centre on 19 May 2010 at 04:15 PM

    It's all happening here in the Plant Centre at Harlow Carr. Our bluetit pair managed to lay a total of ten eggs between 27th April and 7th May, and after keeping them warm for the last week and a half they started hatching yesterday (Tues 18th). We now have 6 hatchlings in the nest box.

    Just like last year, Mr & Mrs B-T are not entirely sure how to feed their young. They are bringing food to the nest but haven't yet got the hang of popping it in the chicks' mouths, the result being that it usually gets given to whichever of the adults is on the nest at the time. Anyway, this happened last year early doors and it all worked out well in the end, so it does not appear to be a cause for too much concern at the moment


  • Our Camera Nest Box - The Eggs Arriveth

    Harlow Carr Plant Centre on 30 Apr 2010 at 03:06 PM

    A bit late for easter but never mind! Anyway, as of this afternoon (Fri 30th April) there are four small but perfectly formed bluetit eggs in our camera nest box for us to watch on telly. Not that the eggs are doing anything of course, but the comings and goings of both Mr and Mrs Bluetit are good to watch.

    The first egg arrived on Tuesday morning and sat on its lonesome for a couple of days, whereupon another joined it yesterday. This tally was doubled by this morning. Bluetits can lay upto nine eggs (as our first camera nestbox bluetits did 3 years ago) so there may be more to come


  • An Inspirational Visit to Harlow Carr!

    Harlow Carr Gardeners on 29 Apr 2010 at 02:32 PM
    When Karen Hunn and her Granddaughter Natasha visited RHS Garden Harlow Carr earlier this year they were delighted to stumble across our mini beast mansion in the woodland!

    This was constructed by a Harlow Carr gardener as an example of the different materials you can use to encourage wildlife in your own gardens


  • Our Camera Nest Box: They're Just Like Busses...

    Harlow Carr Plant Centre on 14 Apr 2010 at 02:11 PM

    Like busses, you wait ages for a pair of birds to take up residence in the nest box which was lovingly cleaned out by yours truly, and all of a sudden two pairs turn up at the same time. In our case we have had two pairs of bluetits expressing a great deal of interest in feathering this particular nest, so much so that we have witnessed some real ding-dong scraps between the couple of couples.

    Add to the battling bluetits some squabbling sparrows from a nearby nest who are not overly enamoured at having such close neighbours and we've had a flurry of feathers flying from the feisty lot. Anyway, things appear to have settled down somewhat, with one pair of bluetits busy lining the nest box with moss and other material.


  • Nest Box A Go-Go!

    Harlow Carr Plant Centre on 19 Mar 2010 at 12:48 PM

    Well wasn't that a winter we just had? Our feathererd friends in the Plant Centre at Harlow Carr certainly think so. Still, they did all right, being fed and watered as they were. We even managed to have two Moorhens take up residence for a couple of months or so - saving themselves the effort of commuting between the pond where they usually live and the winter food source which we laid on.


  • Keep Growing Your Own this Winter!

    Harlow Carr Gardeners on 28 Jan 2010 at 11:33 AM

    With all the snow and freezing weather we've experienced this winter you could be forgiven for thinking that the Kitchen Garden must be empty at this time of year. Yet despite overnight temperatures as low as -13oC there is still plenty to harvest!



  • Health & Wellbeing Month at Harlow Carr!

    Harlow Carr Events on 08 Jan 2010 at 10:02 AM
    Before you start the New Year’s diets and push all of those leftover goodies to the back of the cupboard have you tried the new ‘get fit’ concept sweeping the nation? Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve cling film, cabbage soup or baby food but is a pastime which is known to inspire mind, body and soul… Gardening!  Much cheaper than joining a gym, gardening is a fantastic way to get into shape in 2010. As well as the obvious benefits of fresh air and creativity it is surprising to learn just how many calories the average garden task can burn. For example, jobs such as digging, shovelling and weeding can burn up to 400 calories an hour. Even gentle tasks such as watering or pruning will make you bend and twist, working muscles you might have never know you had!  With this in mind RHS Garden Harlow Carr has dedicated the month of January to Health and Wellbeing. Visitors will be invited to use the garden as a ‘one stop shop’ to gain practical advice on exercise and healthy eating.   A visit to the Kitchen Garden will inspire you with an excellent range of winter vegetables on display and advice on how to grow them. Purple sprouting purple broccoli for example, is rich in vitamins A and C as well as a good source of iron, calcium and folic acid. Our selection of kale is particularly recommended for gardens in colder climates (like Yorkshire) as it is known to taste sweeter after being exposed to a frost – perfect for fussy little ones. Chicories, leeks, garlic and chard are also best at this time of year as well as being highly nutritious and very tasty!   Last year Heart Research UK visited the staff at Harlow Carr and confirmed that all of the home grown produce and exercise in the garden was having a positive impact. Denise Armstrong, Lifestyle Manager at Heart research UK said “When it comes to taking care of your heart, you really do reap what you sow.” Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to teach all of the family about nutrition and can help to save some money too! Children will be more interested in food that they have helped to grow for themselves and are more likely to continue these good eating habits as they get older. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden either as there is loads of information available on ‘Urban Growing’ so whether you have ten acres or a window box there is no excuse!  A trip to Harlow Carr can also offer the benefit of more obvious forms of exercise. You may not notice as you are strolling through the beautiful surroundings but a brisk walk on the most popular circuit around the garden can burn up to 300 calories! Throughout the month of January the garden is also offering self guided welly walks, Tai Chi taster sessions, ‘pramercise’, toddler movement workshops and many more activities designed to get the whole family huffing and puffing in the fresh air. With all of this on offer, rather than join a gym why not join the RHS?


  • HARLOW CARR CLOSED Wednesday 6 January

    Harlow Carr Events on 06 Jan 2010 at 08:05 AM

    Due to the unprecedented weather conditons Harlow Carr is closed again today.  If no more snow falls during the day we hope to re-open tomorrow.


  • Harlow Carr Garden is now open

    Harlow Carr Events on 03 Jan 2010 at 11:46 AM

    The Garden, the shop and Bettys are fully open.  Last admission to the Garden is 3.00pm.  Come and enjoy a winter wonderland.


  • Harlow Carr Garden closed

    Harlow Carr Events on 03 Jan 2010 at 10:27 AM

    Last evening's heavy snowfall has caused problems at Harlow Carr.  The Garden paths are not accessible at the moment and although we are working on clearing the Car Park it is still very icy and not yet open to cars.  Bettys is open although parking is on Crag Lane.  Please ring 01423 724681 for updated information.


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