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Graham Rice on Trials

Updates on trials and awards from the Royal Horticultural Society by Graham Rice

Carnation and garden chrysanths awarded AGM

Posted by Graham Rice on 06 Mar 2009 at 12:18 PM

Carnation 'Spinfield Charm'. Image: RHS Trials OfficeTrials of outdoor carnations and chrysanthemums take place every year at Wisley. It's a long standing tradition and even after so many years fine new varieties are still being recognised and receiving the Award of Garden Merit. The latest awards have just been confirmed.

Although attracting a fervent following amongst specialists, most gardeners do not yet realise what wonderful plants border carnations are. Their colouring, pattering and fragrance are outstanding and they're not difficult to grow given sun and well-drained soil. The only problem is that they always need support - but their gorgeous flowers are well worth a little effort.

‘Spinfield Charm' looks to be a step in the right direction for most of us as the judges described it as being sturdy with an erect habit. They admired the flowers too, which they described as having "good form and a lovely colour which does not fade" and all set off by "wonderful grey foliage". As soon as some enterprising nursery offers it for sale its AGM can be confirmed.

Described as "fantastic" by the expert carnation judges, ‘Spinfield Crimson' is already available. Its beautiful form, lovely rich red colouring and again its vigour set it apart.

All the varieties with the Spinfield prefix are raised by Buckinghamshire's Peter Russell, former President of the British National Carnation Society. ‘Spinfield Lane' already has an award.

Chrysanthemum 'Myss Marion'. Image: ©RHS Trials Office.Old fashioned spray chrysanthemums, like the traditional Koreans, are increasingly seen as valuable autumn perennials but modern spray chrysanths also pack a powerful floral punch. Two have recently had their awards confirmed, ‘Myss Saffron' and ‘Myss Marion'.

‘Myss Marion' is rich creamy yellow in the centre of each flower, shading to white at the edges, while ‘Myss Saffron' is a brilliant rich yellow with an amber centre in younger flowers. Both are prized for exhibition as well as the garden.

You can order these new award winners now and grow them in your own garden.

Order carnation ‘Spinfield Crimson' from Bofield Carnations

Order Chrysanthemum ‘Myss Marion' from Halls of Heddon

Order Chrysanthemum ‘Myss Saffron' from Halls of Heddon

Carnation ‘Spinfield Charm' is not yet available.



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