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‘Gold Dust’ rosemary: New from Norfolk Herbs

Posted by Graham Rice on 20 Dec 2013 at 01:33 PM

'Gold Dust' rosemary - a new vigorous variegated form. Image ©Kernock Park PlantsA number of variegated forms of rosemary have appeared on the market in recent years, but none seem to have caught our imagination or proved especially fine garden plants. Perhaps 'Gold Dust' will be different. It certainly has some valuable features.

Firstly, each narrow leaf is larger than the leaves of most varieties of rosemary, thicker too and with a noticeably heavier texture. Each leaf has a bold green stripe along the centre and is edged in rich yellow-gold creating a sparkling feature.

Individual plants are unexpectedly vigorous – variegated shrubs are usually weaker than green-leaved types - upright in habit, densely branched and plants should mature to about 1m high and 90cm wide. The fragrance of the leaves is said to be unusually strong and the deep blue flowers are unusually large.

‘Gold Dust’ is derived from the rarely seen variety ‘Rex’, and was spotted by Stephen and Julie Head on their nursery, Fragroplants, in British Columbia in 2004. ‘Rex’ is noted for its, vigour and its bold upright look.

Like other varieties of rosemary ‘Gold Dust’ appreciates plenty of sun and a rich but well-drained soil; it makes a substantial and upright plant, so siting out of strong winds is probably wise.

You can order plants of Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Gold Dust’ from Norfolk Herbs


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