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Two brand new crocosmias

Posted by Graham Rice on 20 May 2013 at 03:45 PM

Crocosmia 'Twilight Fairy Crimson', a new dark-leaved crocosmia with bright red flowers. Image ©Terra Nova Nurseries)Back in 2008, I wrote a piece here about a flurry of new crocosmias - some of which turned out not to be new at all! Now, as a result of new breeding work carried out in Oregon, we have two genuinely new crocosmias added to the 2013 RHS Plant Finder, which came out in April.

'Twilight Fairy Crimson' (above, click to enlarge) and 'Twilight Fairy Gold' (below left, click to enlarge) are both short, as crocosmias go, reaching only about 40cm, and both have the same smoky bronze foliage that makes the old favourite ‘Solfatare’ so much appreciated. So, like ‘Solfatare’, the leaves make a valuable contribution to the border tapestry long before the flowers open.Crocosmia 'Twilight Fairy Gold', a new coppery-leaved crocosmia with golden yellow flowers. Image ©Terra Nova Nirseries

'Twilight Fairy Crimson' has rich red, flared flowers carried in branched  heads on dark stems and with that bronze tint to the foliage. The foliage of 'Twilight Fairy Gold' has more of a coppery colouring, and orange-yellow flowers open from orange buds.

Both are good towards the front of sunny borders, in mixed containers, and even as neat cut flowers. Although drought tolerant, they’re best kept moist to keep them flowering well, to help the flowers last as long as possible, and to help prevent spider mite attack.

You can order Crocosmia 'Twilight Fairy Crimson' from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries.

You can order Crocosmia  'Twilight Fairy Gold' from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries.

Other crocosmias added to the RHS Plant Finder this year are: 'Butterball', 'Eggs and Bacon', 'Sherbert Orange' and 'Suzanna'.



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