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Alpine clematis in new colours and styles

Posted by Graham Rice on 24 Feb 2013 at 02:15 AM

Clematis 'Purple Dream' - new double flowered purple spring clematis. Image ©Szczepan MarczyńskiWe tend to think of those valuable spring flowering Alpine clematis (sometimes known as Atragene clematis) – C. alpina, C. macropetala and their hybrids – as, basically, blue. Or perhaps white, or maybe, occasionally pink. But this spring sees the arrival of two new large-flowered double pink forms, as well as a new double flowered purple, and single- and double-flowered varieties in pale yellow.

All these new clematis are being introduced by Thorncroft Clematis, who in recent years have established a reputation for bringing fine new clematis from Europe to British gardeners. These new alpine clematis have all been developed in Poland by Szczepan Marczyński, a clematis breeder who’s introduced fine new varieties of all kinds.

There are two new double pink flowered forms. The flowers of ‘Pink Dream’ (below, click to enlarge) are pink on the outside and a creamier pink shade on the inside, while in ‘Pink Swing’ Clematis 'Pink Dream' - new double flowered pink spring clematis. Image ©Szczepan Marczyńskithe flowers are lovely subtle blend of cream and pink. Both are have an attractive grapefruit scent. ‘Purple Dream’ (above, click to enlarge) is also double, and again it’s grapefruit scented, with a flush of creamy purple flowers in May, and then again in summer.

In pale yellow there’s ‘Lemon Dream’ and ‘Lemon Beauty’. ‘Lemon Dream’ has exceptionally large flowers with lime green buds which open to pale lemon yellow, fading to white. ‘Lemon Beauty’ features very large double flowers, again with limey buds opening to lemon yellow.

All these varieties reach about 6-8ft/1.8-2.4m in height, they enjoy full sun that is not too scorching or open positions without full sun. Little pruning is needed, simply tidy them up after flowering.

All these new clematis are available from Thorncroft Clematis. Click on the names to order ‘Lemon Beauty’ or ‘Lemon Dream’ or ‘Pink Dream’ or ‘Pink Swing’ or ‘Purple Dream’.


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