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Two tasty new patio tomatoes

Posted by Graham Rice on 13 Dec 2012 at 02:43 PM

Tomato 'Donna', a blight tolerant semi-trailing variety. Image © Marda-PrudacWe’ve seen some impressive developments in tomato growing for home gardeners in recent years, and many have come from the world of commercial tomato growing. But some varieties are developed specially for the home gardener, and they include these two new dwarf bush tomatoes from The Netherlands, ‘Donna’ and ‘Tarzan’. Both are ideal for patio pots

‘Donna’ (above) develops into a spreading plant 20-25cm high and 50-60cm wide making a broad specimen ideal for baskets and trailing over the edge of large tubs. It does not need support. Even in a 30cm pot each plant should produce about one hundred fruits, in trusses of seven to ten, over a long season. Each fruit is about 3cm across and has a fresh sweet flavour. While not completely resistant, ‘Donna’ is very tolerant of blight.Tomato 'Tarzan', a blight tolerant upright variety. Image © Marda-Prudac

‘Tarzan’ (left, click to enlarge) matures into a larger plant, up to 40cm high and 50cm wide, making a more upright specimen better given a tub of its own or used as a centrepiece in a large container. With fruits 5cm or slightly more in diameter, and a very thin skin, a dense meaty flesh and a sharper taste, ‘Tarzan’ is ideal for sandwiches and the barbecue. Each plant should produce at least a kilo of fruit in trusses of three to five. This too has a good tolerance of blight.

You can order a collection which includes both varieties from Simply Seeds and Plants.


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